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Let's rebuild together.

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Together we Represent the Youth.

This past June, we launched the grassroots fundraiser, Project TRY, to immediately confront the devastating damage to Black and minority communities in the wake of recent events in our neighborhoods. On Saturday, May 30, 2020, thousands of people took to the streets of Albany to join others across the country in demanding changes to the current system of racism that targets Black communities across the world. Project TRY is working on fundraising between $1K and $3K for 11 participating businesses in the South End and Central Ave districts of Albany.

Founder, Jahaira Roldan, grew increasingly concerned about the media coverage the day following protests. Media outlets primarily focused on the tear gas and looting, not on the march that preceded it. The following morning, the community came together to clean up, and it was clear more than brooms would be needed to restore the businesses impacted. While attending the clean up in both the South End and Central Ave, we spoke with business owners and heard their stories. This year has not been an easy one for local businesses or our community as a whole, and this event has left many feeling there is little room for hope. Creating a program that amplifies communities that are often overlooked can help give back hope, strengthen, and rebuild our home. 

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A Short Series

Our team presents a small documentary series featuring three of the local small businesses we have been working with since the beginning of Project TRY.

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