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A current undergraduate student at the University at Albany, majoring in Sociology with a minor in Political Science. Jahaira founded Project TRY in 2020 with a vision of both community activism and collectivism. As Queens native and long-time Albany resident, she has embraced the small-town-feel to adopt the Capital Region as a place to protect and call home.


Creative Director

2019 graduate from Arcadia University where she got her BFA in Painting and Art Therapy. Outside of moving away for college, Maya has lived in Albany all her life. She joined Project TRY to help give back to her community as the small local businesses have helped to shape her since childhood. Her passion for art has landed her a position as a Design Team Member, where she is able to use her creative expression to help make a difference.


Media Director

Alicia has worked professionally in Albany for several years. She is currently pursuing her academic career as a double master's degree candidate in cybersecurity at the University at Albany. Alicia is donating her technology and media management skills to Project TRY, as it is an initiative that she full-heartedly believes can make an impact on a city she loves.


Social Media Management

Leenah is a Boston College graduate. She is passionate about workers rights, anticolonial movements, and grassroot organizing. Leenah joinined Project TRY to help uplift the marginalized black and brown communities in the south end and central ave area.


Volunteer Coordinator

You may know her by her other name “Friday”. Afua {Ah•fee•yah} has been an Albany resident and early childhood advocate for over 12 years. Graduated from UAlbany in 2019 and started her teaching career right away. Afua has a drive and love for education which is her biggest motivation for Project Try. Education is Power and our people need more power.


Media Management

A ceramic engineer with an MBA from Alfred University, Rehan has lived in the Albany area his entire life. He has developed vital management and tech skills throughout his education, which he is voluntarily implementing to Project TRY, an organization that he believes will make the difference in a place he calls home.



A University at Buffalo graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, he has joined Project TRY in 2020. As someone who’s lived, worked, and played in the area all their life, Omari is looking for ways to give back to the community that helped make him into the person he is today.



Brian uses his specialty in art to assist Project Try in its marketing. He is currently a freelance artist who’s always looking for a direction to steer his artistic efforts to.


Media Management

A former undergraduate at UAlbany, Alison has lived in the Capitol Region her entire life. The aspiring kelp farmer sincerely believes Project TRY’s contributions will provide meaningful and lasting effects to the community through the rebuilding of local businesses, and is proud to be apart of the organization.



A student of Fine Arts - with a focus in Digital Media, Tyler spends her time photography and creative directing photojournalism and editorial photography. Combining her interest in creating and activism - Tyler photographs merchandise and the photo documentation for Project TRY and helps in the media department.



Born in the Philippines, Vernon and his family migrated to Albany, NY in 2005. In 2019, he graduated from the University of North Florida with a degree in Behavioral Neuroscience. Though he now lives in Jacksonville, FL, he contributes his knowledge of graphic design to Project TRY because he believes that the initiative can make a lasting impact on the city he called home.


Product Management

This Alfred University graduate has been a resident of the 518 for most of his life. Rashid has assisted in surveying for Project TRY, and general volunteering. He wishes to help his community improve in their local businesses and bring a positive change.


Social Media

Currently attending The Orlo School of hair and cosmetology, Jennifer is an Albany High School graduate. Born and raised in Albany, she has always felt passionate about working towards making her hometown a positive place for all to experience and love the same way she does. 
Jennifer joined Project TRY in hopes of amplifying her voice to advocate for the city of Albany and all people in it!


Social Media

Echo received her Assosiates degree from Hudson Valley Community College in 2018, and Bachelors in Fine Art from SUNY New Paltz in 2020. She uses her creative prespective to help Project Try's social media and educational efforts. Echo is a native of Albany, and a spent many years working and living in Troy. Working with Project Try is an opportunity to create lasting positive impact in the community that shaped her.


Social Media

A recent graduate of University at Albany with a masters of science degree in childhood education. Hannah currently teaches a 6th grade social studies and English class in Columbia county. She has lived in Albany for three years and has developed a passion for strengthening community ties within the city of Albany. Hannah currently works with the media team to create educational and promotional content for Project Try social media.


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