F*** The Pink Tax Sticker

F*** The Pink Tax Sticker


Ongoing with our Project Pink, these stickers boldly state “F*** the Pink Tax, and that’s on Period”. Even though half of the human population menstruates, we reluctantly pay higher prices for hygienic items (as well as other “feminine” retail items).


We denounce the Pink Tax and its corrupt gain from our biology. 20% our stickers’ proceeds will go towards our new project, Project Pink, where we are fundraising (as well as accepting physical donations) for local womxn in need.


    Sticker dimensions: 1.5 x 3’’

    Designed by our Creative Director, Maya Lewis


    20% of proceeds go toward Project Pink, 80% goes towards rebuilding Black and Brown businesses in the 518.


    Our proceeds are donated therefore products are nonrefundable*. However, returning and exchanging is allowed.


    *Exceptional circumstances may be considered. 


    *Free shipping over $50


    Ships within 7-14 days


    Please take into consideration the potential for delays due to COVID-19