Respect/Humanize/Amplify Black Womxn

Respect/Humanize/Amplify Black Womxn

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We need to Respect, Humanize, and Amplify Black Womxn. This shirt emphasizes the womxn that often go underrepresented and underserved in the movement. Portraying the Transgender pride flag, this light blue shirt with pink and white text further stresses the importance of representing Trans Black Womxn.


Black Womxn need to be heard and seen as human beings, not objectified, fetishized, or protected.


We include the “x” in womxn to be inclusive of our Trans and non-binary women who oftentimes go unrepresented


The font is used as an ode to the 1960's-70's civil rights movement, womxn's liberation movement, and the student movement. 


    These unisex and 100% cotton shirts are screen printed and supplied by 518 Prints. All proceeds go toward rebuilding Black and Brown businesses in our community. 


    Our proceeds are donated therefore products are nonrefundable*. However, returning and exchanging is allowed.


    *Exceptional circumstances may be considered. 


    Ships within 7-14 days.

    *Please take into considertion there is potential for delays due to COVID-19


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